Dr. Jo Ana Starr PhD is the Executive Director of the New England Institute of Hypnotherapy and the author of the Amazon best selling books, Quantum Self Hypnosis, Quantum Hypnosis Scripts, Eyes Open Self Hypnosis, and Blueprint for Happiness, as well as a popular public speaker, and success coach.  Believing that there was a absence of a comprehensive  and easy-to-implement Self Hypnosis book, she decided to write a book that would provide readers with what she felt they needed to use Self Hypnosis successfully. Writing and editing this book was hard work and one of the most rewarding things she's ever done.

Writing and bringing this book to the public has been a labor of love.  And it's finally here. The reviews have been great which is certainly gratifying, but finally getting the information in print and in digital format so that people who want to improve the quality of their lives, can do so easily and effortless, has been the greatest reward.


        Dr, Jo Ana Starr PhD, CCHT, CHI

Jo Ana's academic background includes a BS.Ed. with an English major and a Psychology minor, and an MS/PHD in Clinical Hypnotherapy, a DD in Holistic Theology, and related professional certifications.

Her love for learning and teaching began early in life, as did her interest in metaphysics and holistic health.  She always believed that the mind ruled the body and without having received any training, at the age of 11 she healed a skin condition that traditional medicine was unable to heal.  She just continued to picture it gone, and then 10 days later it was gone- the skin perfectly healthy.  She healed a number of other conditions throughout childhood and young adulthood with the same method. Her professional evolution into various energy healing modalities and hypnotherapy was a natural one.  Her belief in and experience with the power of the human mind and spirit has only strengthened throughout the subsequent years and she shares that passion with her readers, NEIH students and graduates.

It is her sincere wish, if you decide to read this book, that it exceeds your expectations and delivers your highest possible outcomes through the use of Self Hypnosis.

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