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Chapter   1    INTRODUCTION

















I believe in you.  I believe in the infinite power of your human mind and spirit.  I believe that you are truly limitless and capable of creating the life of your dreams.  By buying this book you have demonstrated a belief in your ability to create the life that you want, and this first powerful step moves you so much closer to your goal!  I believe that any person who makes a ďtrue decisionĒ and who employs an effective method to harness the power of his mind can accomplish miracles!  Using EOSH, you can make any behavioral change you truly desire.  I wrote this book to share with you an easy and effective method to create a happier life for you and those around you.  I hope you enjoy Eyes Open Self Hypnosis and use what you learn to create exactly what you desire.  You will find 30 ready-to-use, right out of the box EOSH Primary Sessions and another 58 EOSH Bonus Sessions which are also the core hypnotic suggestions used in Primary Sessions, so using the provide General Primary Session Template you can create another 58 sessions giving you a total of 88 Eyes Open Self Hypnosis Sessions covering the areas of Career, Relationship and General categories.  All readers receive access to a website that will provide a FREE recorded EOSH Primary Session so you can experience the best way to use these sessions.  An EOSH recorded session is like a shorter Self Hypnosis session. More information on your free session can be found in the last chapter.

This book was inspired by reader comments and my ongoing personal investigations into the best ways to create quick and effective personal change.  As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and trainer of 25 years, as well as a devoted explorer of mind-body technologies, I have found Self Hypnosis to be the easiest and most effective way to create behavioral change.  The downsides are few, so few in fact that Iíve never really considered them more than minor inconveniences.  Self Hypnosis requires a little bit of technology such as a sound recorder and the willingness to create a few audio files or CDs for your use.  Then there is a daily time requirement.  That daily commitment is a consideration, but itís doable for most people.  Considering what can be gained, these are really minor inconveniences on the path to dynamic and permanent change!

I have learned from the growing readership of both Quantum Self Hypnosis and Quantum Hypnosis Scripts that there is an enormous interest in Self Hypnosis among individuals who are seeking the most effective method to create desired changes in their lives.   And for most of them, with Self Hypnosis theyíve found the perfect way to make those changes.  People love Self Hypnosis because it works, itís cheap, and the sessions are really enjoyable.  For those who love the DIY approach, Self Hypnosis is a powerful, affordable way to reprogram beliefs and thus change behavior.  And for those who donít, there are thousands of practicing Certified Hypnotherapists around the world ready and willing to help you.

So, what are these downsides to Self Hypnosis that I alluded to earlier?  Self Hypnotists need to be able to record sessions and to play them daily for a month or so.  The sessions are between 30-45 minutes long so there is a scheduling requirement as well the recording requirement.  Even though 45 minutes is a relatively short period of time, for some individuals finding 30 minutes of quiet time daily can be a challenge.  Many peoplesí lives are full to brimming with personal responsibilities, work, family, etc.  This daily time requirement may be more daunting for some Self Hypnotists than even the recording part of the process.

So whatís the solution?  As I mentioned earlier, I am no stranger to any of the mind-body practices and technologies.  I was there in the 70ís using creative visualization, affirmations, guided imagery, Silva in the 80ís, light and sound machines in the 90ís, meditation, etc.  Until I found Self Hypnosis, I continued to feel that the perfect solution in the quest for personal growth and personal change was evading me.   With Hypnosis, I felt that I had finally found a way to achieve deeper and more permanent change than I had with previous methods.  Donít misunderstand me.  Weíre all different and what is perfect for one person may not be perfect for the next person, but that said, even compared to Silva which I loved and found very effective, I realized that Hypnosis was my true, final solution.  Quick, no side effects and lots of unexpected side benefits, Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis provided me and my clients with amazing, super-speedy results reliably and pleasantly.  So, yes, I do love and believe in the processes of Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis.  As a way to modify limiting beliefs and to institute fairly effortless behavioral change, without drugs, machines, hours of work, Self Hypnosis is hard to beat.  Of course, when I first fell in love with the process of Hypnosis, we were all living in a different world, pre-Internet, pre-cell phones, etc.  The world was a slower place back then.  Todayís pace is daunting, and sometimes finding a free hour daily can be challenging.  Fortunately, for time or technology-challenged individuals, you will find the method that I share with you in this book to be a great solution.

To offer an historical perspective, here are some of the other methods that utilize the mind-body connection in ways that are somewhat similar to Self Hypnosis, although not as effective.  Some of these you have investigated or may have tried.  Hereís my take on these other methods for self-change:



Affirmations are positive statements repeated throughout the day; they are easy to use and can help to break that negative tape that many people unknowingly play in their heads, but used alone for behavioral change, I have found them to be ineffective and to take as much or more time than Self Hypnosis minus the power of the Subconscious mind.  They are also pretty boring.  You carry a card with 4 or 5 positive statements and repeat them to yourself in spare moments, such as driving the car, washing the dishes, etc.  I feel that traditional affirmations work best at occupying the mind with positive thoughts, instead of negative self-talk, so used for that purpose they are wonderful!


Creative visualization can be used in a way thatís similar to Self Hypnosis.  The user can create a virtual event in his mind in which he is doing sometime that heíd really like to be doing in the real world.  Creative visualization can also be used in a guided meditation format which is similar to a Self Hypnosis session but which doesnít cause the participant to go deeply enough into a meditative state to fully engage the Subconscious Mind.  This process requires almost as much daily time as Self Hypnosis sessions but typical doesnít empower the Subconscious Mind which is the key to creating permanent behavioral change.  This method like the use of affirmations alone does absolutely no harm and can help an individual to create a more positive outlook toward a situation, another individual or an event.  Itís kind of like Self Hypnosis without the oomph.


These are really fun to experience if youíre into the mind-body thing.  These machines use flashing lights and often a measured beat that plays through speakers with the beats synchronized with the flashing lights.  The purpose is to entrain the brain to enter a more relaxed or a different brain state.  Personally I had trouble with the flashing lights which made me feel quite anxious.  I tried different colors but still these machines had the opposite effect to relaxation for me.  Although I am not epileptic, I later read that Epileptics shouldnít use these machines as they can induce seizures, so anyone reading this who has any brain imbalance should proceed with caution with these machines. While they arenít terribly expensive, a mid-range device is priced around $250. so they arenít cheap.  In terms of our discussion, these machines are not designed to do anything other than relax the individual using it by pacing the brain to facilitate entering an alpha or another brain state.  These devices are not designed to change beliefs or specific behaviors so they are not really an alternate to Self Hypnosis.  I included this category just for the readerís edification and because the use of these devices does fall within the mind-body field.


NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  The self-use of NLP involves quite a bit of learning to use this modality fully.  Everyone can benefit by learning the different states of learning and communication described in NLP, and components like pacing and mirroring.  These are powerful tools in the process of communicating with others and really valuable for that reason. This really interesting modality was developed by two gentlemen named Bandler and Grinder and became popularized by Tony Robbins.  Tony simplified the basic techniques and the original information to make it much more accessible for everyone. Tony has written a few really wonderful books on the subject and he offers his audio training programs and seminars internationally.  There is a considerable time commitment involved in grasping more than the basics of NLP, and frankly without Tonyís programs, it is kind of hard to fully implement.  I use aspects of NLP in the NEIH training programs and have read Tonyís first book which was excellent but not an easy read.  I also have used some of his audio programs as well which were excellent.  As compared with Self Hypnosis, NLP has a much longer learning curve and frankly, even after a considerable time investment, the use of NLP does not access the Subconscious Mind.  NLP is a conscious state learning tool and as such, is not as fast or effective as Self Hypnosis, based on my personal experience.

Please be clear.  I am not bashing NLP or Tony, whom I believe has helped many hundreds of thousands of people to defeat depression and to begin taking positive actions to improve their lives.  I admire him enormously and consider him a great humanitarian and role model for us all.  If youíve attended any of his events or seen him on TV, itís clear that heís a remarkable human being.  But NLP without Tony or another skilled NLP practitioner can be a bit challenging to use on your own.  And again, the use of NLP does not access your Subconscious Mind.  Conscious Mind change is what many of us were trying to use before we realized the need for a more powerful method of change and before the advent of Self Hypnosis.

So whatís this Subconscious Mind I keep referring to?  Itís the genius inside of you that is your most creative, highest learning state.  When you write a poem or a brilliant blog entry, you are accessing your Subconscious Mind.  When you paint a picture, frame the perfect photo shot, design a room, or create a fabulous recipe, you are using your Subconscious Mind.  Your Subconscious Mind is child-like and loves sound, color, symbols, images, and variety and itís analogous to the Right Brain that you hear about a lot these days.  The Subconscious Mindís job is to create, while the Conscious Mindís job is to organize, verbalize, and to maintain everything just as it is in a state called homeostatis.  Itís easy to see why trying to use the Conscious Mind to change isnít effective since change is the exact opposite of homeostatis, which it is the Conscious Mindís job to maintain.  The Conscious Mind doesnít like change and resists.  The Subconscious Mind, however, loves change and loves to learn, so that particular mind-state facilitates change easily.  Accessing the Subconscious Mind to create behavioral changes or to upgrade existing beliefs is like filling your car with premium gasoline; youíre going to get where you want to be as quickly as possible.  Trying to force the Conscious Mind to accept change is like forgetting to put gas in the car before a road trip; those gas fumes at the bottom of the gas tank arenít going to get you very far.  Itís so much more effective to use the part of your Mind that loves change to effect change, isnít it?  And thatís the magic of Self Hypnosis. It gets you easily and effortlessly to your Subconscious Mind where change occurs so easily.  Itís perfect, just perfect; it makes total sense.  Now letís take a look at that wonderful, magical mind that you have!






We touched on the power of your mind in the first chapter, and Iíd like to spend a bit more time familiarizing you with that amazing real estate up there in your head.  I have often said and completely believe that per square inch, your brain is the most valuable piece of real estate on the planet, at least as it relates to you and the quality of your life!

Weíve talked a lot about both the Conscious and the Subconscious Minds in the first chapter and explored these concepts a bit.  We will look at these in more detail shortly.  Right now, Iíd like to share the idea of Brain as separate from Mind.  Arenít the terms ďbrainĒ and ďmindĒ synonymous?  Well, for a long time, they were believed to be the same, both residing in your head, occupying exactly the same space.  Your brain is definitely in your head, but Mind is everywhere in your body.  The concept of Mind as part of every cell in your body isnít a new one and we will examine aspects of this cellular intelligence below.

Each cell in your body has measurable intelligence and is capable of communicating with every other cell in your body, and not just as a function of the autonomous nervous system.  Deepak Chopra has spoken at length on this subject in several of his books.  He believes based on research conducted around the world that each cell in our bodies has cellular intelligence and is capable of communicating with every other cell, and does. Letís look at the Heart as an example of cellular communication.  That familiar quandary as to whether you should think with your heart or your head is actually more of a choice than any of us thought.  The heart is now believed to have as much measurable intelligence as your brain, as revealed by the HeartMath organization.  A US non profit organization, the Institute of HeartMath, has found that the heart has 40,000 neurons (the same number in the brain itself), and the intuitive signals the heart sends, including feelings of love, happiness, care, and appreciation are expression of the heartís intelligence, changing the nervous system in ways that allow for greater production of DHEA, the so-called ďfountain of youthĒ hormone.  Amazing.  Weíve all known that the heart pumps blood throughout our bodies, but it also is an intelligence conduit for our bodies, as well.

Not only do our cells communicate with each other, but parasitic organisms living in our bodies communicate with us in ways that influence our behavior.  Scientists have discovered the somewhat disturbing information that parasites residing in human beings can influence their minds to consume foods that nourish the parasites.  They are also believed to influence behavior in their hosts, us!  When you get a strong craving for something you know isnít good for you, pause for a second and consider that you may not be the originator of that craving - tiny parasitic creatures may be signaling your body-mind that they need more food.  If thatís not enough to put you off sweets and yeasts, I donít know what is.  The good news is that if tiny parasitic creatures can communication with our minds, then imagine how much easier it is for our own cells to communicate among themselves.  Check below for more information on inter-species communication between toxoplasma and their human hosts:

Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion: Why You Feel the Way you Feel, agrees with the growing belief in cellular intelligence and tells her readers that mind is not separate from body...mind infuses the body. She has determined that an information transfer system beginning at the cellular level operates throughout the body coordinating physiology, behavior and emotion in a coherent manner.  Emma Bragdon, PhD summarizes some of the authorís work on cellular intelligence research here:

So, we humans are blessed with cellular intelligence and probably, ďmindĒ as we perceive it in every cell of our bodies.  Amazing! 

Letís get back to the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind constructs for a moment.  For those of you who have read books on Hypnosis referring to the Unconscious Mind, there is no such thing in a conscious individual.  An unconscious mind is a mind that exists in an unconscious person, someone who has lost consciousness.  In a conscious human, there are only the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind.  Authors or trainers who refer to an Unconscious Mind in their discussion of Hypnosis probably shouldnít be taken too seriously. 

So, okay.   Humans have a left brain which is analogous with the Conscious Mind in terms of types of functioning and a right brain that is analogous with the Subconscious Mind in terms of types of functioning.  There is a tiny bridge that connects the left and right hemispheres of the human brain, thus uniting the separate sides of the brain commonly referred to as the left brain and the right brain.   Typical left brain (Conscious Mind) functioning is verbal, organizational, mathematical, and logical.  Typical right brain functioning (Subconscious Mind) is non-verbal, creative, emotive, playful, visual and auditory.  The perfectly beautiful balance of the two hemispheres of the brain is amazing.  This tiny bridge allows humans to jump from a predominantly left brain day of balancing checkbooks to a fun, unplanned special meal utilizing right brain function to whip up a whole new take on an old family favorite, seamlessly.  And that same lovely right brain is used by every Self Hypnotist who creates and uses his own Self Hypnosis audio file or CD.

Working humans in this era engage primarily in left brain activities; not all certainly, but arguably a majority of them.  Most work activities are logical, left brain and organizational, causing a marked imbalance in brain hemisphere use for most people in developed nations.  And as you have probably figured out by now, right brain activities are much more fun, more nourishing and relaxing than left brain activities for most people.  One of the major bonuses for any serious Self Hypnotist is the opportunity to establish a more balance use of both hemispheres of the brain.  And while a Self Hypnosis session may not be as much fun as a day at Disney World, in terms of relaxation, stress relief, healing and balanced brain use, it probably feels like more fun to your body.  Thirty minutes a day of yoga, meditation, or self hypnosis is believed to add years to your life, and to improve the quality of every day of your life.  The benefits of these activities far outweigh the effort or time involved.

Now that you understand the differences between brain and mind, and the general functioning of each hemisphere of the brain, we can move on the heart of the matter.  Your brilliant mind is capable of creating miracles or disasters.  Your brilliant mind is like a sponge, soaking up information at every turn.  You are influenced by everything you hear and everything you say.  Please think about this because Hypnosis is occurring all the time.  Long before you engage in your first Eyes Open Self Hypnosis session, you will have been exposed to thousands of hours of Hypnosis or programming.

As a child, you learned much of what you ďknowĒ today.  What you learned may not have been positive.  You may have learned that youíre not very bright, not very pretty, not very easy to deal with, unlikely to succeed etc.  These things arenít true because you are who you decide that you are; your future is not determined by your genomes or your upbringing but by whom you decide to be.   I didnít say it would be easy to become the perfect version of you, but itís not rocket science and itís not expensive to get there.  It just takes a commitment and some time. You already have the most important tools in your toolbox: a genius brain and a body.   With those two things, you can be whomever you decide you want to be.  Granted, if youíre 5í tall and you want to be 6í tall, you may have to settle a bit there, but in terms of personality, energy level, appearance, weight, open-heartedness, spirituality, kindness, wellness, and so many other choices, you are in control of these aspects of you.  If youíre shaking your head, just stop.  Pretend what Iíve said is true.  If you pretended it was true and invested a month to find out, what could you possibly lose?    So, yes, you expose yourself to the possibility of failure which can be painful, but the payoff could be amazing!  And you wouldnít be alone.  There are so many people in our society who have pulled themselves up by the bootstraps and become the persons they pictured themselves becoming.

I know youíve been subject to a lot of societal and familial hypnotic influences that may have persuaded you that you are much less powerful than you actually are.   I covered those hypnotic influences in detail in Quantum Self Hypnosis, so Iím not going to spend much time on them here.  Trust me; you like every human on the planet is a unique, infinitely powerful, brilliant person.   Right now you are using about 5% of your brainís capacity and probably getting along pretty well.  Wouldnít it be nice to learn how to access another 5% of that big brain of yours?  Itís sitting there waiting to be activated more fully, and doing so will improve the quality of your life to an astonishing degree.  Unfortunately, your family and your schools may have taught you not to think and if thatís so, you can release that ďlearningĒ very shortly and just think, think, think!!

I write books that teach people how to get what they want, by using what they already haveÖ..a big brain and a body.   You donít need a college education and you donít need a high school education to become exactly who you want to be.  If you only get this out of reading this book, it will have been worth it for you.   Itís time to release the limitations that other people and society may have placed on you.  Youíre plenty smart enough to get what you want and youíre more than good looking enough.  If you donít believe me, go online and pull up the photos of some of the most successful people in the world.   Then go look at yourself in the mirror!   See what I mean!   As far as smart enough goes, kicking your brain usage up just 1 percentage point will super-charge your life.  Itís not how big your brain is, itís how much of the available brain power you use.

If youíve always been a follower, try being a leader just once.  You may totally love it!   If youíre in a rut, get out of it; take any new action and that will propel you into a new experience and get you out of that rut.  The point is, your life is in your hands.   The limitations you embrace become your life.  Choose to become limitless!

The bottom line is this.  You have everything you need to achieve whatever you want.  Using what you already have and adding Eyes Open Self Hypnosis, which is a time-conserving version of Self Hypnosis, to the equation, will help you to transform your life.  Eyes Open Self Hypnosis is a new form of Self Hypnosis that allows you to integrate the power of Self Hypnosis into your life in two to eight minute chunks of time daily.

In this chapter, we covered the Brain/Mind parallel, the Subconscious Mind, the Conscious Mind, alternate methods for change, cellular communication and finally the incredibility power of your mind.  Weíre there.  On to this really effective, new Self Hypnosis approach, Eyes Open Self Hypnosis!